Have a cracking Christmas!

This term in Science we have looked at Animals including humans. We have had some really fun lessons this term, including making arms to see how the muscles work together and drawing around people in our class to create a skeleton using the bones and names we know.

In English, we studied ‘War horse’ where we had to write a diary as characters from the book. To imagine how they felt, we got to put on helmets and pretend we were having a conversation as the characters. We also wrote some instructions to make felt in English using ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ as our example text and used these instructions to make our own felt to use in DT to make a Stone Age purse.

Here are the finished purses we made in DT!

3 people also earned their pen licences after working extremely hard on their handwriting all term – congratulations Willow, Jonah and Sophia!

Pen Licence' CertifiCARD | x 10 | Handwriting Skills

Have a wonderful break, stay safe and see you in the new year!

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Half term hooray!

As we finish the first half term together in year 3, it’s time to reflect on how hard you have worked and the progress you have made since September. I am so proud of all of the learning you have done so far. Here are some photos to share of this.

It’s been a very active half term. At the beginning of term we were lucky enough to have a visitor to show us some skateboarding skills. We were brilliant and really resilient when it was a bit tricky. In PE Ash class have been completing multi skills tasks and building their co-ordination and balance. Here are some photos of us playing ‘Dress the clown’ and practicing throwing and stopping in pairs. In Commando Joe we had to show reciprocity to work together to create and guide each other through obstacle courses.

Our Topic learning this term has been really exciting, with a focus on the Stone Age. We made Stonehenge from play dough to represent all of the different types of rocks and wowed Kat and Zoe at Butser Ancient farm with our knowledge. We also got to do some archaeology, jewellery making, chalk carving and wattling in teams. ating our own Las Caux cave paintings. We worked outside using similar resources to the Stone Age people, drew our designs on clay and then painted them really carefully.

In Maths we have focussed on place value and begun to look at column addition and subtraction, using resources such as place value counters to help us.

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Welcome to Ash class’ blog. We have had a busy week getting back into the routine at school and studying our Commando Joe, Ed Stafford. It was really exciting as we got a letter from him asking about our learning. We wrote letters back to him asking lots of questions and telling him information about us. We also wrote fact files for animals that live in the rainforest and learnt all about the different layers of the rainforest in Geography.

Top Secret Rubber Stamp Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock
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A final farewell

In our final French lesson, we went to Mademoiselle Duncan’s boulangerie where we ordered croissants or baguette in French. ‘Je voudrais un baguette/une croissant avec beurre or confiture fraise s’il vous plait’. We were ‘tres bien’!

In our final English lessons, we wrote our own versions of The Magic Box by Kit Wright. Please give them a read by clicking through our slideshow.

Well Ash class, we made it! We might be rather hot and melting but you have made it to the end of a super year. I have been so lucky to have you all in my class this year and you have been absolutely wonderful. I wish you the best of luck in year 4 and a super summer – you deserve it!
Love from Miss D 🙂

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The penultimate week

After a slow and tired start to the week after a disappointing sports result, we have worked very hard to get all of our work done as we approach the end of term.

In Maths, we did lots of work with shape and maps, practicing reading co ordinates. Here is a game similar to Billy Bug game to practice at home if you would like.


In English, we made Missing or Wanted poster for the horrible Bloodbottler giant who has escaped Giant country!

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The BFG and Chidlers!

This week we have been reading The BFG and writing instructions for giants for how to catch a dream. We also measured ourselves in Maths to see how tall we are – we are not as tall as the BFG though!

In Topic this week, we became spies to find out information about Roman towns to recreate them in groups. It was really fun!

Our homework this week was to make a Roman Bath house. Here are just a few of them.

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Last Friday we had our last Commando Joe session of the year. We had to guide our partner around an obstacle course with a blindfold on.

In Topic this week we made a graph of the events of Boudicca’s life and how she felt about the events. We also did some research about Roman life and presented it to the class.

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Fabulous Fishbourne Roman Palace

We have had a super busy week this week with lots of activities.
On Tuesday, we had our run offs for sports day with everyone doing their best and shouting lots of encouragement from the side lines in their teams. On Thursday, we had a tennis session to learn some new skills. On Friday, we had our sports day activities where we worked with our team colours to score points to add to the team total.

On Wednesday, we went on our eagerly awaited trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace. We watched a film about the palace being discovered, looked around the museum with lots of reading and information to find for our booklets, and had a workshop all about activities the Romans did. We learnt lots of new information to take back to class and had THE BEST day!

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Hot, hot, wet!

We have had a very hot week this week, luckily it got cooler towards the end of the week but it was very wet today!

This week we started our learning about THE ROMANS! It is a very exciting topic. We placed events in chronological order from the Roman empire and had a debate, as Celts, about if we should fight back against the Roman invasion. Here are some of our ideas.

In Science on Thursday, we investigated whether objects block a magnet’s magnetism from working. We found that some do but some don’t and that it depends on the thickness of the object and material in the middle.

We also got to watch the Talent Show virtually on Friday and the winner for the Art category was …Annie. We are very proud!

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What a week!

This week we have been looking at our new Commando Joe adventurer – Nellie Bly. In our afternoon lessons we have done lots of different activities, including finding places she visited on a map, finding the capital cities in computing and looked at transport from the time she was from.

On Friday, we made models of the Eiffel tower to see who could make the tallest tower working together and using our RICH school values. The winners were…Posy, Edith, Ted and Grace with a tower 79cm tall!

Over half term, Grace was sent her Green blue peter badge!

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