World Book Day 7th March


Ash class had a wonderful day for World Book Day on Thursday. Children were able to dress up as their favourite traditional tale or nursery rhyme character. Can you guess who they were?

They also shared their favourite books with Year 6 during shared reading and wrote a poem using letters in the style of One, two, three, four, five (Once I caught a fish alive).

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Petersfield Walk

Our trip to Petersfield – Wednesday 6th March 2019

On Wednesday, we went to the train station in Liss to get the 10.06 train from Liss to Petersfield.

When we got to Petersfield, we walked around the town. We walked down Lavant Street, through Bakery Lane and stopped in Rams Walk. In Rams Walk we had to find the names of the shops and make a map.

Because it was a Wednesday, there was a market on with people selling pet bedding, fruit and vegetables, plants and meat. Liss doesn’t have a market.

For a snack time, we stopped at the Physic garden.

We walked down the high street and stopped at the end to look at the war memorial. We noticed that Petersfield’s war memorial was in the road but Liss’ is outside the Triangle Centre on the grass.

Then we walked down to Dragon street to cross the road and go to look at Festival Hall and Open Air Swimming Pool. When we walked past the open air pool, we saw a river running down the side of some houses. We also saw a waterfall which we didn’t see in Liss on the River Rother.

Then we stopped for lunch to get warm and rest our feet.

We walked down Dragon Street and saw a map of Petersfield made out of Mosaics. We then walked past Petersfield Infants School and then the church. We went onto the square and stopped at the library. We had to find out some information about the library’s services and opening times.

We also walked down Sheep Street. They used to herd sheep up the street to get onto the market on the square. On this street, the houses were very old. We knew this because some of the windows were painted and the doors were small.

We then walked up to the hospital and had to find out more information before we went back to the train station to come back to Liss. We got very wet walking back to school!

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The Firework Maker’s Daughter – Lila and Rambashi’s diary

Ash class have been  reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter in both English and Shared Reading lessons starting this week. Here are some fantastic diary entries they have written.


Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was just on the boat with the idiots that I have to sail with. A person came along and started fishing. We were disguised as a river taxi service. We came over to him and asked him if he wanted to go to get across. He said yes to get away from the crocodiles. We took him across half way we told him we were pirates – money or death!

Suddenly a girl turned up on the river bank we were going to, we talked about how we were going to get him over board with out her knowing. We then decided to accidentally pushed him over board of the Bloody Murderer. So we did as fake as we could Then the girl shouted to pull him back to we did, just so she thought we didn’t do it on purpose.

We soon came over to her and asked her if she wanted to come to the other side and she agreed too. Next we too her over but she looked scared.




Dear Diary

Today has been a terrible day because I got into an argument with my father. I wanted to make fireworks and my father wouldn’t tell me the secret ingredient. My dad made me make childish fireworks.

I sent Chulak to ask my Dad what the secret ingredient was and I was furious when my dad told Chulak the secret ingredient. So I headed off to get it for my self and I took some food, money and some fireworks. I came to a huge river and there was a river taxi. The fishermen fell in the water, they looked silly.

I got on the boat and I noticed they were pirates and they threatened me with knives because they wanted my money.




Dear Diary

Today has been an amazing day. Me and my father were making fireworks but he did not tell me the special ingredients so I was very angry with my Father. He told Chulak but not me. So I got Chulak to ask my father what the special ingredient was. An hour later Chulak came back and told me the ingredient. Then I went to Mount Merapi. On my way I saw some people on a boat but they were actually pirates.

They told me to hop on the boat. One of the pirates fell off in to the water. It was hilarious. They said give me your money or we will push you off. I felt scared.

Chloe E

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Liss Riverside Walk

We went on a field trip the Liss village. We walked along Riverside Walk and examined the River Rother. We saw a flood plain, streams joining the main branch of the river and lots of meanders. We made field sketches and discussed what we found when we returned to school.

We also went through the village, creating a table of the amenities which we saw to decide if they were services or shops.

We are looking forward to our trip to Petersfield in March to compare the two places.

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Snow Day Work

Due to the weather, school is closed today (Friday 1st February) However, please complete this work for Maths and English.

Maths – practice Times Tables Rockstars.

English – Write a diary entry about your day in the snow. Don’t forget to use the features of a diary, adjectives, adverbs and interesting vocabulary.

Please also complete the Education City for this week.

I hope you enjoy you time in the snow, stay safe and wrap up warm!

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Ash Class’ assembly 30.1.19

Well done to Ash class for their brilliant assembly about their English work on Anthony Browne this morning. Due to illness, some children stepped in to read extra lines which they had not practiced, showing great team work and confidence. They practiced extremely hard and even did some acting! We look forward to seeing the work you produce about Willy the Wizard!

Here are some of the examples of writing which children read out in assembly.

Yesterday we took Victoria, our beautiful Labrador and our son, Charles, to the park. When I took Victoria’s lead off, Victoria was chased by a very scruffy dog and then I told Charles to sit next to me so he didn’t wander off. Then I saw that Charles had run off then I saw Charles talking to a scruffy looking child and we walked home in silence. – Jakson, Charles’ Mum’s voice

I silently walked to the park with Charles and Victoria our pedigree Labrador. When we had arrived at the park I sat on a bench and I had just let off Victoria’s lead when a scruffy mongrel had appeared and started to sniff her bottom. I had to shoo it away but the scoundrel chased her everywhere. I couldn’t stop it so I just glared at the beast hoping it would stop it but it didn’t. Then I saw Charles talking to a rough looking child! I dragged him away and we walked home in silence. I was disappointed. – Jacob G, Charles’ Mum’s voice

Yesterday I strolled to the park with Smudge. Smudge was happily skipping, I was walking so I could hold the lead of Albert. When we got there, I let Albert of the lead and then he sniffed a dog’s bottom and he started to chase the Labrador. I was looking for a job in the newspaper because I never have anything to do except watch the telly and take Smudge to school and read the newspaper. I think I might need a job. Smudge was on the see saw, I could hear it while I was reading the newspaper. The she went on the bandstand and she was dancing to the music. There was a bossy posh monkey woman. She looked like the boy Smudge was playing with. Our dog and her dog were barking at each other. – Rufus, Smudge’s Dad

One day ago, Smudge asked me if we could go to the park so we did. When we had got there I looked for a job in the newspaper whilst Smudge played with a little boy. Our dog was sniffing another dog’s bottom. It does that sometimes. Then I saw a very vain and posh person come and sit next to me so I moved as far to the end as I could, without falling off it. We stayed the same distance apart to each other. I looked at Smudge playing on the band stand with the boy and the dogs. I could hear wildlife being interrupted by the dogs along with Smudge and her friend. Suddenly there was a big splash, the dogs had jumped into the water! – Harrison, Smudge’s Dad

Yesterday me and my dad went to the park. My dad was very grumpy when we started to walk there. Then we arrived at the beautiful park. Everything was so bright but my dad was very boring, he was very slowly reading the newspaper to find a job. Then we let our dog off her lead but she saw a very posh dog and started to chase her around the whole park. Then I saw a boy, he looked really sad. I asked him if he wanted to go on a shiny hot slide and play with me. He said yes! We went to play. First we went on the slide and then we went onto the see saw. It was really fast it went to one side to the other and kept on going. We heard a woman shouting across the park. Then we went onto the band stand doing cartwheels. I was really good at it. Charles kept on wobbling when he did it ad falling over but I helped him back up. – Evelyn, Smudge’s voice

Yesterday me and my Dad went to the park. Albert was running faster than me but when we arrived at the park my dad was mad but I saw a boy sitting on the bench. I played on the stage we had fun but when the dogs splashed into the water it was so funny. Charles gave a flower to me. I heard Charles’ Mum shouting at Charles. Mum dragged Charles and he was sad. When I got home I gave Dad a cup of tea. – Adam, Smudge’s voice

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend. We hope to see you next term for our next assembly!

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Ash class have been practicing all of their previous learning from gymnastics lessons before Christmas. Here are some fantastic examples of stretches, balances and ways of travelling.


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It’s electrifying!

Our new unit in Science this term is Electricity. Yesterday we made circuits, testing different materials to see if they would complete the circuit. We tested paper clips, split pins, paper, tin foil, greaseproof paper and rubber bands. We found that some were conductors and some were insulators. Conductors allowed electricity to flow through them, like metals but insulators didn’t.

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Stone Age Felt Purses

Ash class have had a busy couple of weeks, working hard in their English and DT to create Stone Age Purses made from felt. They have had to follow the process through their English lessons, writing instructions so they could make the felt. The felt making was really fun and the children were very focused!

Then they had to make a prototype in DT to check that we had enough felt for the size purse that we wanted to make. They practiced with a few different sizes to see which would work best.

Finally, it was time to cut the felt into shape and sew together into purses. This was quite tricky but Ash class showed a lot of resilience!

Have a look at the finished pieces below.


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Stone Age Boy

Last week, Ash class were looking at Stone Age Boy in their English lessons. Below are some examples of descriptions of the moment the boy and Om enter the terrifying cave. We hope you enjoy reading them!



The boy followed Om to the crumbly, rocky cave. Then Om saw the cave. Om said to the boy ‘follow me to the cave.’ Then they both entered the cave. Om and the boy saw some paintings. They were bright red and they sprinkled some san on the paintings and tiptoed around quietly so no one could hear them.

Om saw a really good painting. ‘Wow!’ she shouted, ‘that painting is amazing!’ They were really shiny but some of them had cracks on them. They still walked on, then the boy and Om saw a big shadow and one of the paintings came alive!

It was a big, hairy violent bear. They didn’t like the bear and the bear gave a push. The boy fell down, down, down.



The boy and Om walked carefully into the mysterious cave. The boy was nervous. So they went into the cave then they started to draw some paintings on the wall. The boy was getting more brave because he trusted the girl.

After that they had no room on the wall for any more paintings so they went to the other side. But before they could get there, an enormous shadow was standing right in front of them. It was a scary, large bear!


Jacob D

They boy and Om walked for hours until they came to a cave. The boy was feeling tired but when he saw the cave he felt excited. The boy and Om crept into the cave quietly. Inside they saw cave paintings. Om painted a picture like the boy but the boy saw something. It crept out of the shadows. It was an ominous bear! The boy whispered ‘run’ so Om did. Just as she did, the boy fell down, down, down.


Jack B

As the boy followed Om, they came to a halt. They had got to the cave. ‘Follow me, it is dark and gloomy,’ stated Om. The boy felt ominous as he walked in the gloomy cave because he had never been in a cave before, after they got in he put his glasses on just in case.

The boy whispered ‘Do you know that you have animals around us?’

‘They’re my paintings.’ Laughed Om. Then the boy saw a shadow.

He whispered to himself ‘just another painting.’

‘That’s a bear!’ shouted Om.

The boy mumbled ‘stay away! Shoo! I’ll fight you!’


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