School Grounds Day Fun!

This afternoon class Ash had great fun taking part in School Grounds Day. We made bird feeders, using pine cones. We also refilled the coconut shells that year four turned into bird feeders last year. We had to make the bird seed cake using lard, raisins,  oats and bird seed. It was quite messy, but we had lots of fun! Then we hung the bird feeders from trees around the school. We hope the birds enjoy their Bank Holiday treat! Thank you to all the parents that came and helped – we could not have done it without you!

their Bank Holiday treat!

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Topic Homework 18.4.18

This week’s Topic homework involves looking at images of Liss village and comparing these. We hope you enjoy discussing these at home.

Download (DOCX, 712KB)



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Basketball Tournament

This morning year three have taken part in the first inter-colour basketball tournament of the year, run by CM Sports. All the year groups will take part and there will be a grand winner announced at the end of the week.

Here are class Ash in action! They impressed with their blocking and passing skills and in our class Red were victorious! Well done everyone!




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Geography Studies

On Tuesday class Ash went on a Geographical fieldwork trip to Petersfield. We collected information to compare and contrast the town to the village of Liss. We found that the amenities were far wider ranging in Petersfield and they had services that Liss does not offer, e.g. a hospital and fire station. Lots of fun was had travelling by train and noticing how the land use changed over the journey. A huge thank you to all our lovely helpers for supporting the children’s learning.

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Scientists At Work

This afternoon class Ash have been exploring to discover what soil is actually made from. We looked carefully at two soil types very carefully with magnifiers and found out that our samples contained: mud, small stones, larger stones, lumps of chalk, twigs, leaves, plants, decaying leaves and plants, worms, spiders and millipedes.  One sample was much dryer than the other and had larger stones. Later in the day we conducted an experiment to find out which soil type was the better at draining and which was better at absorbing water. The children showed a very good understanding of how to make the test fair in the planning stage – even if it was harder to remember this once we started working! The dryer soil was found to be the better drainer. Here we are hard at work.




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Maths homework

Download (DOCX, 1.06MB)

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Electricity Exploration

We have been exploring electricity and making simple circuits in preparation or designing and making an electrical toy in Design Technology. We can now make circuits with bulbs, motors and buzzers. Here we are in action!


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Dynamic Dance

This morning class Ash have been busy learning the next part of our dance for Sports Day. We have explored some moves inspired by Bollywood dancing, placing our hands exactly and keeping careful balance. Thanks to Megan and Jazz from CM Sports who made it a really exciting session. Here are some of the children in action.

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Snowy Activities


Download (DOCX, 13KB)

Download (DOCX, 21KB)

Download (DOCX, 127KB)

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Amazing Talent Showcase!

This afternoon class  have been enjoying a real treat – the Ash class talent show! The standard was amazingly high and we enjoyed dance routines, drama, poetry, magic tricks, singing, music, sketching and much more! There of course had to be some winners and Mrs Armstrong really struggled as she wanted everyone to win! Below are the winning entries:

First place – for a spine tingling piano performance of a haunted house.


Second place – an energetic and graceful dance routine.


Third place – an amazing landscape using aerial perspective and effective colour mixing.

Well done to everyone who took part!

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