A wonderful week

This week we have been working really hard. We have been learning about Dragons in English after Miss Duncan found an egg!

We also did table tennis in PE.

In Music we started learning The Dragon song and making signs to go with it. In Art we looked at Las Caux and drew some animal paintings. In Topic we have been learning about the Stone Age to Iron Age.

In Shared Reading we have been reading The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. We think the girl is mean and naughty.

We have been working really hard in maths on our adding and two times tables. We have got a paper copy to take home and practice.

Well done to this week’s TTRS…


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Ash class’ first week!

This week we have been working really hard. We have been learning about Ed Stafford and his journey in the Amazon rainforest. We ate some fruits (pineapple, grapefruit and mango) which Ed Stafford might have eaten on his adventure. In CM sports we had to do 6 courses for 5 minutes which was good. One of them was running through the playground and another was star jumps.

We had a visit from John from Skip2befit where we skipped with skipping ropes that told us how many skips we did. We all set a target to beat next time.

by Ash class

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I would like to welcome you to our class blog. This is where we will be sharing our learning and exciting things such as trips. I can’t wait to get started with you all during this new year and help you settle in to the Junior school. Mrs Attree and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Miss Duncan

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Final farewell…

It is finally the end of your first year in the Junior school. Although this wasn’t the way any of us hoped or expected it to end, I hope you all enjoyed the time we had together in year 3! Mrs Attree and myself are so impressed by the resilience and independence you have shown while working at home and in school for those of you who have been in.

I wish you all the best of luck in year 4 and know you will have an amazing time with Miss Leete as your new teacher! Remember to show her how super you all are with your attitude to learning and knowledge.

I will still be around the school and look forward to giving you a smile and a wave when I see you, and I hope you will still come to chat to me at break times and around the school.

All that is left for me to say is to have a wonderful summer holiday, stay safe and I will see you (from a distance!) in September.

I am SO proud of you and will miss you LOTS!

Miss Duncan xx

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Summer holiday challenge

Happy last day of term!

As it is now the summer holidays, I won’t be posting on the blog as much. I would still love to get emails and hear from you all and I will do my best to share things when I can.

Here is your final challenge from me this year.

Go through the challenges and find one that you are going to try over the summer holidays. Let me know how you get on!

Miss Duncan 🙂 x

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Daily challenge 87 (21.7.20)

Today I would like to hear your favourite memory of the year. This could be in class or during home learning. Leave a comment below to share these.

Mine was seeing your smiley faces every morning and World Book Day when everyone dressed up.

Miss D x

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Daily challenge 86 (20.7.20)

Today I would like you to design a garden. This is completely up to you the shape, size and what goes in it!

I would love a slide in my garden!

Miss D x

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Where do all the teachers go?

‘Where do all the teachers go?’ by Peter Dixon
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Final Friday update

It was lovely to see so many of you in circle time yesterday! Our final circle time on teams will be Tuesday at 2pm. I look forward to hearing about your favourite memories of the year!

Kenai created this wonderful Kandinsky painting

Henry made some butterflies for the garden

Our final Rock Star for the year, and the most improved and the consistent is…


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Daily challenge 85 (17.7.20)

As the end of the (strange) school year approaches, I think it is time to thank your parents and the people at home. They have become your teachers during this school closure and it’s only right they get appreciation for this! Try making them a card or doing something nice like breakfast in bed for them to say thank you.

Thank You Rainbow Thank You Card Pack of Ten | Oliver Bonas

Miss D x

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