Team Ash Class

Well done, Ash class. Another week completed. Give yourselves a pat on the back for working so hard! I have been really impressed by the Reciprocity I have seen from you all this week, working together to share ideas, questions and supporting each other on Teams. You are like a football team working together!

Charlie went for his daily walk along the River Rother on Riverside Walk today and sent this photo of the water looking rather high after all of the rain we have had this week. I imagine it was very muddy along the walk!

Ollie did his Joe Wicks work out in fancy dress looking amazing!

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Happy Friday! It’s been so lovely to see everyone working so hard as we finish the first full week of home learning. Well done everyone!

Daisy had a great time doing some science experiments at the weekend and last week Ava had a lovely birthday! Ellis dodged the rain and went on a lovely walk.

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Home Learning Heroes

Happy Friday, Ash class and well done! You have survived your first week of home learning for the new term. I am so proud of how hard you continue to work and wow everyone at home. Mrs Attree has also been seeing what you are up to and is equally impressed! Here is a look at some of the things you have been doing.

Daisy and Charlie worked out with Joe Wicks and Ellie spent playtime using natural resources to write her name. Daisy also did some yummy maths at lunch time making cucumber into fractions!

I hope you all have a super, restful weekend ready for another week of home learning next week. Miss D 🙂

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It’s Christmas!

We are finally at the end of the term. We have had such an amazing term and worked incredibly hard. We are really proud of ourselves.

This week we have still worked really hard to get all of our Maths and English done so we can have fun at the end of the week.

In Maths we did some word problems about time which were tricky but we were resilient.

In English we wrote AMAZING stories about the end of the Stone Age Boy, imagining what happened after they spotted A BEAR! We had to include speech to imagine what the characters would be saying.

We finished our purses in DT, sewing them together to finish them. We showed reciprocity by working together and supporting our friends.

Well done to Fraser, Annie and Edith for getting their pens!

Our TTRS is…


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Christmas play week

Felting: It was really fun learning about the felt and using our instructions to FINALLY make the felt!

Maths: Time was a bit scary at first but then we got the hang of it and now we are bosses of time!

Hockey: It was very fun to be doing different activities and practicing our skills.

RHE: We had a class discussion using the Jenga to ask us questions.

Posy and Max got pens!

TTRS this week…


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Yummy Christmas lunch

In PE this week we carried on with hockey practicing our skills in mini games with a partner. We were really good and impressed Miss Duncan! We practiced stopping the ball, passing the ball and dribbling the ball.

On Thursday it was Christmas jumper and Christmas lunch day! Everyone wore great jumpers and enjoyed their lunch. We had turkey with gravy and we felt like we were having a feast in a hall. Everyone was happy to be wearing a Christmas jumper and we were all happy that we were warm in our jumpers!

TTRS this week is…


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It’s good to be back!

On Monday we had Commando Joe. We had to stay on the spots and we had to get a stick and hold some guttering without touching the ends and put the balls into the bucket. We had to show resilience and reciprocity in our teams.

In Science we made some skeletons. We drew around someone in our group and then we cut out the bones and stuck them on in the correct places.

We had to try to match which label went with each picture because a curator had dropped the labels. 2 of the pictures didn’t have a label so we had to write our own. The chains were used for slaves when they were captured. The gold objects were bracelets.

In Maths we had to make 3D shapes using Clixi and describe the amount of faces, edges and vertices.

Here is the first part of ‘Silent Night’ for our Christmas performance by Miss Hawkins.

Our TTRS this week is…


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Hooray for home learning

What a week! You have all been superstars this week with your fantastic home learning. Here are some of your stories and a selection of pictures of what you have been up to. Well done to Grace for completing Joe Wicks this morning. I also did a short workout…as a scientist! I cannot wait to see you all on Monday. Have a wonderful, restful weekend.


Our TTRS is…


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An…odd week!

We’ve had a bit of a strange week with the class now remotely learning from home. Everyone is being super resilient and I have been so impressed by what I’ve seen so far! Well done everyone, keep it up!

Here is a selection of some of your science posters for the Youth climate summit happening this week.

Our TTRS this week is…


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A fun and exciting week!

This week we have started reading Where the Poppies Now Grow by Hilary Robinson. We have been working with partners to make pictures of Ben and Ray, the characters from the story, in the different parts of the story. We also thought about how they might have been feeling.


In Maths we are learning about fractions. It super easy and we are really impressing Miss Duncan and Mrs Attree! We have been focusing on tenths of numbers and showing them as bar models.

In Science, we have started looking at healthy food.

Today we had our inter colour competition of football. We had a lot of games and it was really muddy but fun.

Here is the song we are learning for our Christmas songs in Music.

This week’s TTRS…


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