Children in Need

Ash class looked amazing today, dressing in clothes which reflect their hobbies. We have had great fun dressing up and raising money for Children in Need. See if you can guess what our hobbies are! We look forward to hearing the whole school’s total.

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Butser Ancient Farm

Ash class had an amazing time at Butser Ancient Farm yesterday. We did lots of activities, starting with a talk in the very smokey Stone Age house. The house had a skull on the outside and paintings on the walls inside. Then we went outside and did some Wattling to make fences so the animals couldn’t escape! After that we went to make some beautiful jewellery using copper wire. It was quite tricky but we were all very resilient and listened closely to the instructions. We ate our lunch in the smokey Stone Age house so we were very warm. After lunch we carved chalk using flint pieces and made the green by rubbing dock leaves on it. Finally we became archaeologists and dug for artifacts which was very exciting when we found bones and pieces of pottery.

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Inter-colour Basketball

Year Three enjoyed an inter-colour sports challenge this week, with each team playing basketball and a new challenge called ‘Rock, Paper, Snake’. Year Three points will be added to the other year groups points later in the week. They all participated with great enthusiasm and we wait to see which team has won…

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Tweet Tweet!

At the end of last half term, Ash class investigated if birds only eat the food they like. We predicted if we thought it was true or false and then tested it. We realised we wouldn’t be able to interview birds to find out so we had to try a different way. We used different utensils to be the bird beaks and resources to be the types of food. We found that birds only eat the food they can find and that they can fit in their beaks. Here are some pictures of our testing!

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Over the last few weeks, Ash class have been focusing on Dragons in our English lessons. We started with ‘The Egg’ by M. P. Robertson, writing from different viewpoints as George and the Dragon; then we read the beautifully illustrated ‘Tell me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris and we described our own dragons; and finally we have been looking at Dragon poems by John Foster and Korky Paul, writing our own versions of Lost and Found.

Here is some of our best work!

Thomas’s description of The Egg hatching

I noticed that when I was reading to my egg later it started to rumble.The enormous egg sat on my bed and after that it started to rumble.  I was reading to my egg but later I was not happy when I fell backwards off the egg. A small crack appeared and then after it threw me off the egg. When I looked closely I saw a tiny yellow eye and it started to look at me.

Tommy’s description of The Egg hatching

A small crack appeared when I was reading on top of it. The enormous egg sat on top of my bed. A small crack appeared around the egg when I was reading on top of it.  I noticed that the crack had got bigger. When I looked closely I saw something’s eye. I noticed later on that the crack had got bigger.

Jack’s description of The Egg hatching

I was reading the egg a book then it started to hatch. I shut the door in case my mum saw the egg. After that I saw the egg starting to hatch. I looked closely through the crack. I saw a dragon. Later on I played with my dragon. Nearby around the corner i heard my Mum. She was coming to check on me. If she saw the dragon or the egg shell she would be mad at me. I hid the shell under my bed. She came in and I was nervous.

Jack’s description of the Ice Dragon from ‘Tell me a Dragon’

My dragon is an ice dragon that breathes snow that’s a brilliant blue. My dragon’s tail is as tall as a mountain and it shines in the night sky. My dragon has razor sharp claws as long as me. My dragon has brilliant legs as long as an ocean.

Zuri’s Dragon

My dragon is as small as a sunflower seed. It has venomous teeth and you don’t know if it has bitten you. My dragon has sparkling, multicoloured, delicate wings and has skin as soft as a polar bear. Her eyes are as big and as watering as an enormous drain overfilling with water. She is faster than a lightning bolt. She is shining brighter than the sun and she is great at flying. She dances to the howling music of the wind.

Esme’s Dragon
My dragon likes to play with the playful friendly dolphins. My dragon collects horrible plastic waste from the harbours like plastic bags and bottles that people mindlessly throw into the beautiful harbours that are now ruined. My dragon’s heart is made of water like the sea.

Charlie’s Lost and Found Dragon


A King’s helpful pet.

Rather wet and scaly.

May be shy, hungry and scared.

Please read stories.

P.S Reward.


A wild, ugly and colossal dragon. He will eat thirty meals in one go. He is also terrorising the town.

Please take him back!

P.S. No reward necessary.

Evelyn’s Lost and Found Dragon


A girl’s loving pet.

Rather fluffy and has fur.

May be sad and upset.

Please call me and feed her.

P.S Reward.


A dangerous dragon which is hopeless and suspicious.

Please train her and make her nice.

P.S. No reward necessary.

Emily’s Lost and Found Dragon


A school child’s loving pet.

Rather large with a long tail.

May be shy, sad and lonely.

Please brush his teeth because his breath stinks.

P.S Reward.


A despicable big beast which eats chickens and leaves the bones!

Please have it back.

P.S. No reward necessary.

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Commando Joe

Ash class had a brilliant afternoon making assault courses linked to our Commando Joe topic, Ed Stafford. Our assault courses needed to test our stamina to check we were fit enough to go on the expedition. We then got to try the different courses to test them. They were brilliant!

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Welcome to the Ash class blog. Here we will share work and learning we have been doing in school.

I am looking forward to welcoming you on Wednesday!

-Miss Duncan

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Persuade the Emperor!

In English we have been planning and writing letters to Emperor Claudius to persuade him to invade Briton. As part of out talk for writing to rehearse our ideas we had a visit from ‘Claudius’ today and the various generals in the army reported on why the country should be attacked. We had to include a range of conjunctions and persuasive phrases.




Here is Lottie’s letter:

Dear Emperor Claudius,

I am writing to you, mighty lord, because the Celts are helping the Gauls fight back at our troops. We need to invade Britain! We need to punish the Gauls and put them to work to make the Empire rich and powerful. We need revenge on them for daring to attempt to defect the muscular Roman Army. We need to show the world how important the Roman Empire is.

The second reason to invade Britain is we need the resources they have. They have leather which we need to make armour for our mighty army. There are lots of sheep so we can use the wool to make blankets and material for our Togas. We can use the silver to make coins for money.  There are also lot of other resources such as tin, lead, wood and gold that would be useful.

Would you like to be a Roman legend and have the world in your hands? Then invade Britain and make the Empire bigger and better and you will look good. People will join your Empire and think of you as a father.

From you most loyal general in the Empire,

General Williams

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Juice Stall Day One

Today class Ash had a real life Maths experience selling juice on the playground. They were great at mentally calculating the total cost and any change needed on the spot! It was quite cold this morning and we did not sell that much juice so we are hoping to have more customers tomorrow. Families, remember that it will be your turn on Thursday at 3:30pm in the classroom – see you there!

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School Grounds Day Fun!

This afternoon class Ash had great fun taking part in School Grounds Day. We made bird feeders, using pine cones. We also refilled the coconut shells that year four turned into bird feeders last year. We had to make the bird seed cake using lard, raisins,  oats and bird seed. It was quite messy, but we had lots of fun! Then we hung the bird feeders from trees around the school. We hope the birds enjoy their Bank Holiday treat! Thank you to all the parents that came and helped – we could not have done it without you!

their Bank Holiday treat!

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