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Evacuee visitors – By Daisy M.

Posted by on February 5, 2013
Class OW with three World War 2 evacuees

Class OW with three World War 2 evacuees


On Tuesday 29th January 3 evacuees cam to our School, accompanied by Mr Jordan.  They visited us in our class and told about their time while they were evacuated.  I found their talk very interesting and informative.  Mr. Frost got evacuated with his sister.  She was seven and he was nine.  Mrs. Frost got evacuated first when she was four.  Her mother came with her because if your child was under five you were allowed to go with them.  She got evacuated again several times after that.  One if them went to Bedfordshire, which is near Hertfordshire.  They got evacuated because the country was less likely to get bombed than the big cities, but they still had to bring their gas masks just in case.


Miss Dugan also told us some very interesting things about her travels during the war.  To summarise  I really enjoyed their visit and we all learned lots of interesting things.

3 Responses to Evacuee visitors – By Daisy M.

  1. Zeenat Hutchings

    Love the new look blogs with the photographs.

    • SHelby

      Thank you. The children are all working very hard this term and it’s lovely to be able to share some of their efforts with you all. It’s also nice to know that the blog is being viewed!

  2. Lucy Flint

    Yes your blog is being viewed! Learning about evacuation and gas masks looks very interesting, you certainly seem to be enjoying it.

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