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Victorian fashion by Ezri and Isobel

Posted by on May 12, 2014

When I wore a Victorian dress I had to take a deep breath in because, there was a strap round my waist. The strap only just fitted, it was a wedding dress and there was different colours in the dress. The colours weren’t the colours people thought it would be. It was difficult to get it off, because it only just fitted. The neck was all the way up to my chin and it was a bit tight. There was a bit of a tail at the back of the top, some people thought it looked like a peacock. There is this thing at the front that looks like a bib. We thought that it looked like a jacket, but it was really a dress. To make the dress stand up properly they used whale bone.  I think it was a rib of a whale bone.  People thought it was plastic or cardboard.  It was a bit tight but comfortable.  The dress belonged to Miss Helby’s great-great granny. When she got married she must have been very slim.  So either she didn’t eat much or she did lots of exercise, or she wore a corset.  She was about 30 when she got married.  We think that Miss Beavis might be able to fit into the dress.

2 Responses to Victorian fashion by Ezri and Isobel

  1. merissa

    that looks cute

  2. Shelly Hogg

    That looks great fun getting dressed up in a real Victorian wedding dress. Ezri doesn’t sound like she would like to dress like that everyday. It makes you think how much clothes for women in particular have changed since then

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