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Charity day

Posted by on May 23, 2014

I really enjoyed watching the CM Sports get splashed.  and I really liked when they were selling dog food because it shows they care about dogs.



My favourite stall was chubby bunny.  I got lots of sweets.


My favourite stall was the chopstick one because I beat the record and I got sweets as well.


I can’t decide what my favourite stall was, but I think my favourite(s) was chubby bunny and the flour one because I won 4 moams on chubby bunny and I won 2 moams on the flour one.


It was fun and my favourite stall was dunking my head in flour.


It was really fun.  My favourite bit was frozen ice because you had to put your feet in a bowl of ice.


It was for charity.  I liked putting your head in the flour, but I didn’t like the flour going up my nose.




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