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Posted by on June 16, 2014

We have been working on poetry over the last 2 weeks.  We are going to publish some of ours this week.


“wake up sleepy head”

So I got out of bed.

I brushed my teeth,

Cleaner than a leaf.

My mum brushed my hair,

By my hair she started to share.

I got dressed into my top,

Whilst my mum got the mop.

When I got dressed,

My mum did her best.

I got my bag,

Including the rag!

I ran to school,

And the topic was cool!

I thought it was a worn,

Because it was torn!!

From a sudden my friends,

Started talking about hens!

Sooner we had to do science,

Whilst the detectives had some client’s.

When it was break,

I came a bit late.

I asked,

“has it passed?”

I played king square,

Of cause  I care!

It was the end,

So I tried to tend.

Someone said ”PIGS!”

They where wearing wigs.

It was black,

Just like a sack,

Or a back pack.

I swung my hair then sat in my chair.

“its maths!”

“counting hats?”

“must be bats!”

I looked to the sky,

Like I was about to cry.

I thought 1,

If fun!

It was lunch,

And I got a  bunch!

I sat in my seat,

And ate the meat.

I had my ice cream,

Just like my dream!

I put my hand up,

They said “what’s up?”

“Can I go?”

“ yo yo yo

I thought it meant “no!”


I read my book ,

Quieter than a hook.

I read it rapidly ,

As well as happily.

My friend read it madly,

As well as sadly.

Now it was literacy,

Thought we would talk about a Victorian city!


Started acting like a bee!


That kiwi!

I write it all down,

Thought I would get a crown.

Another break up!

People said hup hup hup!”

They sold a big cake,

That’s a good bake!

Someone said “Take,”

“the cake!”

Last lesson P.E.,


I finished in time,

Who gave out the lime?

We packed our bags,

“ by!”

Sigh        by Merissa




2 Responses to Poetry

  1. Manda

    Well done merissa . You rhymed about everything

  2. Manda

    Well done . You can rhyme about almost everything . Brilliant

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