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Watts Gallery

Posted by on June 26, 2014

All about watts gallery.

On the 3rd of June class SH went on a trip to Watts Gallery.  We saw some portraits of a lot of Victorians.  One of these Victorians was called George Fredrick Watts.  George built the gallery with his wife not long before he died in 1904.

George was an artist who painted many portraits of Victorians.  He also painted landscapes and he was a very good artist.

On the 3rd of June we also were very good artists.  We all drew different portraits and some of us copied this portrait of George when he was 17 years old.  George’s wife, Mary, was also an artist who worked a lot with clay.  She designed and built Watts Chapel.  She taught the children how to modle with the clay and they helped her to decorate the chapple with tiles.

We made our own clay tiles. we also went in to the chapple with our eys closed and I tripped over then I opend my eys.

when I opend my eys we looked up at the sealing and we saw 4angels and 8 little angels and they represented god .i hoped you injoyed reading this

by amber.

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