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Minibeast project

Posted by on July 1, 2014

The year 2’s have been coming to visit us at the junior school over the last couple of weeks.  We have been conducting a mini-beast project.  I’ll let the children explain it.


Habitat by Ellen

On Tuesday the year 2’s came up and we did lots of activities about mini beasts. One of them was about habitats with Mrs Armstrong. You had to find mini beasts under the logs.


Bees by Vincent

We learned about the Queen bees and how long they survive, we even saw their bee hive.  We saw Mr Haycock in his white uniform. (That was the best bit you can think of).  We went in group of five to see the bees as well as the bee hive. There was this rope because Mr Haycock thinks we might be in danger.  Well what we did was basically to feel the texture of the wax as well as admirer the bees.  We even saw the bees when Mr Haycock told about what bees they are.

When we went near the bee hive we saw the pollen on their legs, that their taking in their hive.  The most important was the names of the bees. There were worker bees, honey bees, bumble bees and the queen bee! When we went near the rope we watched Mr Haycock tell us about what the worker bee and the queen bee does.


Woolly Worms by Lottie

This morning we had the year 2 classes come up to our school for the whole morning and we did an activity called woolly worms and what we had to do was to find worms but they were not ordinary worms. They were woolly worms that were made out of wool, well not wool exactly but it was string.

We all got into pairs or groups of three and I pared up with my friend Jessica. To start off we had to be given a ruler with sticky stuff on the end of it so we could stick the woolly worms on it when we found some of them.

After that we got given a sheet of card with either a beetle a butterfly or a dragon fly and we had a big box of colouring pencils to use to colour our minibeasts in and I had a butterfly and so did my good friend Jessica. These two boys Eddie and Reuben

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