Class Treat Update

JA have won yet another class treat for winning 25 class credits. They have voted to have a film and snacks. This will be arranged for next week. Well done everyone!

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4 Responses to Class Treat Update

  1. Faisal hutchings says:

    very good

  2. Mrs Keane says:

    Dear Mrs Armstrong, despite this apparently being Rose’s idea, I’m afraid I have to tell you that Rose does not actually like films or snacks. May I suggest an alternative class treat as I suspect that Rose would love a treat of extra work with neither lunch nor snacks. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.

    • Rose Keane says:

      Please don’t listen to my Mum because I do want to have a film and snacks treat.

    • jarmstrong says:

      I am very sorry but the votes have been cast and the children have made their decision! Watch out for the date of the treat some time next week – Mrs Armstrong

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