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Lower School News w/e 23.9.16

Posted by on September 23, 2016

Lower School News W/E 23.9.15

Well, we are already at the end of our third week of the Autumn Term. The week started in an exciting fashion with reports back from the Butser Hill Challenge. Lots of the Lower Juniors took part in the run and, despite it being very steep, they were able to complete the course in great style. During the week children have been busy working on their countries for Country Fortnight. The Lower Junior Classes have been exploring all sorts of different landscapes and features as they have built a detailed picture of their countries. We have countries such as Beech Land and Jwomababa, full of exotic creatures and with rather strange anthems. The children have been practising anthem music and traditional dances, as well as investing national games such as biscuit Frisbee! Today each class has presented to the LJs their idea of a new country with its own rules and parliament. It was an exciting afternoon.

Also this week, Elm have been investigating maps and looking at how we use them. They have also been working hard to improve their horse riding skills. The Year 4s have started their Listen to Me programme for this term. They are learning the rhythms and beat of Samba music and will be playing percussion instruments to great effect at the end of the term.




The children have continued to read The Arrival this week as well as explore themes of Pet care and new arrivals to countries.  They have been writing Guides to Pet care, and have chosen some of their pets from Countries fortnight to illustrate the point. They have also been working on a Guide to My Country for new arrivals to the country of their choice. Using conjunctions and commas they have been able to generate some fabulous sentences describing these countries.


In maths, the children have been looking at number puzzles and investigations and looking at how estimating can improve the accuracy of their work. They have worked on strategies for subtracting numbers and have tested number lines to see how they can help. This coming week they will be looking at puzzles and investigations involving multiplication and division.


They will all have Maths, English and Topic homework set throughout the term. Maths will be set on a Monday and will be either worksheets or Ed City work. English or Topic homework will be sent home on Wednesday and they will have a week to complete it.

The Year 3 s and 4s have started their tables this week. They will also be bringing home spellings this coming week and will be tested on them at the end of the week. As a new adventure, they will be giving a password and instructions to log on and create a rock star which they can develop by earning money from tables challenges at This is a great activity to help them remember their times tables and we know they will enjoy it!

Times tables challenges can also be found on Ed City. If you are having trouble logging into Ed City site then we have found that Google Chrome if the best search engine to use to access the site.


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