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Persuade the Emperor!

Posted by on June 21, 2018

In English we have been planning and writing letters to Emperor Claudius to persuade him to invade Briton. As part of out talk for writing to rehearse our ideas we had a visit from ‘Claudius’ today and the various generals in the army reported on why the country should be attacked. We had to include a range of conjunctions and persuasive phrases.




Here is Lottie’s letter:

Dear Emperor Claudius,

I am writing to you, mighty lord, because the Celts are helping the Gauls fight back at our troops. We need to invade Britain! We need to punish the Gauls and put them to work to make the Empire rich and powerful. We need revenge on them for daring to attempt to defect the muscular Roman Army. We need to show the world how important the Roman Empire is.

The second reason to invade Britain is we need the resources they have. They have leather which we need to make armour for our mighty army. There are lots of sheep so we can use the wool to make blankets and material for our Togas. We can use the silver to make coins for money.  There are also lot of other resources such as tin, lead, wood and gold that would be useful.

Would you like to be a Roman legend and have the world in your hands? Then invade Britain and make the Empire bigger and better and you will look good. People will join your Empire and think of you as a father.

From you most loyal general in the Empire,

General Williams

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