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Posted by on October 1, 2018

Over the last few weeks, Ash class have been focusing on Dragons in our English lessons. We started with ‘The Egg’ by M. P. Robertson, writing from different viewpoints as George and the Dragon; then we read the beautifully illustrated ‘Tell me a Dragon’ by Jackie Morris and we described our own dragons; and finally we have been looking at Dragon poems by John Foster and Korky Paul, writing our own versions of Lost and Found.

Here is some of our best work!

Thomas’s description of The Egg hatching

I noticed that when I was reading to my egg later it started to rumble.The enormous egg sat on my bed and after that it started to rumble.  I was reading to my egg but later I was not happy when I fell backwards off the egg. A small crack appeared and then after it threw me off the egg. When I looked closely I saw a tiny yellow eye and it started to look at me.

Tommy’s description of The Egg hatching

A small crack appeared when I was reading on top of it. The enormous egg sat on top of my bed. A small crack appeared around the egg when I was reading on top of it.  I noticed that the crack had got bigger. When I looked closely I saw something’s eye. I noticed later on that the crack had got bigger.

Jack’s description of The Egg hatching

I was reading the egg a book then it started to hatch. I shut the door in case my mum saw the egg. After that I saw the egg starting to hatch. I looked closely through the crack. I saw a dragon. Later on I played with my dragon. Nearby around the corner i heard my Mum. She was coming to check on me. If she saw the dragon or the egg shell she would be mad at me. I hid the shell under my bed. She came in and I was nervous.

Jack’s description of the Ice Dragon from ‘Tell me a Dragon’

My dragon is an ice dragon that breathes snow that’s a brilliant blue. My dragon’s tail is as tall as a mountain and it shines in the night sky. My dragon has razor sharp claws as long as me. My dragon has brilliant legs as long as an ocean.

Zuri’s Dragon

My dragon is as small as a sunflower seed. It has venomous teeth and you don’t know if it has bitten you. My dragon has sparkling, multicoloured, delicate wings and has skin as soft as a polar bear. Her eyes are as big and as watering as an enormous drain overfilling with water. She is faster than a lightning bolt. She is shining brighter than the sun and she is great at flying. She dances to the howling music of the wind.

Esme’s Dragon
My dragon likes to play with the playful friendly dolphins. My dragon collects horrible plastic waste from the harbours like plastic bags and bottles that people mindlessly throw into the beautiful harbours that are now ruined. My dragon’s heart is made of water like the sea.

Charlie’s Lost and Found Dragon


A King’s helpful pet.

Rather wet and scaly.

May be shy, hungry and scared.

Please read stories.

P.S Reward.


A wild, ugly and colossal dragon. He will eat thirty meals in one go. He is also terrorising the town.

Please take him back!

P.S. No reward necessary.

Evelyn’s Lost and Found Dragon


A girl’s loving pet.

Rather fluffy and has fur.

May be sad and upset.

Please call me and feed her.

P.S Reward.


A dangerous dragon which is hopeless and suspicious.

Please train her and make her nice.

P.S. No reward necessary.

Emily’s Lost and Found Dragon


A school child’s loving pet.

Rather large with a long tail.

May be shy, sad and lonely.

Please brush his teeth because his breath stinks.

P.S Reward.


A despicable big beast which eats chickens and leaves the bones!

Please have it back.

P.S. No reward necessary.

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