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Stone Age Boy

Posted by on December 5, 2018

Last week, Ash class were looking at Stone Age Boy in their English lessons. Below are some examples of descriptions of the moment the boy and Om enter the terrifying cave. We hope you enjoy reading them!



The boy followed Om to the crumbly, rocky cave. Then Om saw the cave. Om said to the boy ‘follow me to the cave.’ Then they both entered the cave. Om and the boy saw some paintings. They were bright red and they sprinkled some san on the paintings and tiptoed around quietly so no one could hear them.

Om saw a really good painting. ‘Wow!’ she shouted, ‘that painting is amazing!’ They were really shiny but some of them had cracks on them. They still walked on, then the boy and Om saw a big shadow and one of the paintings came alive!

It was a big, hairy violent bear. They didn’t like the bear and the bear gave a push. The boy fell down, down, down.



The boy and Om walked carefully into the mysterious cave. The boy was nervous. So they went into the cave then they started to draw some paintings on the wall. The boy was getting more brave because he trusted the girl.

After that they had no room on the wall for any more paintings so they went to the other side. But before they could get there, an enormous shadow was standing right in front of them. It was a scary, large bear!


Jacob D

They boy and Om walked for hours until they came to a cave. The boy was feeling tired but when he saw the cave he felt excited. The boy and Om crept into the cave quietly. Inside they saw cave paintings. Om painted a picture like the boy but the boy saw something. It crept out of the shadows. It was an ominous bear! The boy whispered ‘run’ so Om did. Just as she did, the boy fell down, down, down.


Jack B

As the boy followed Om, they came to a halt. They had got to the cave. ‘Follow me, it is dark and gloomy,’ stated Om. The boy felt ominous as he walked in the gloomy cave because he had never been in a cave before, after they got in he put his glasses on just in case.

The boy whispered ‘Do you know that you have animals around us?’

‘They’re my paintings.’ Laughed Om. Then the boy saw a shadow.

He whispered to himself ‘just another painting.’

‘That’s a bear!’ shouted Om.

The boy mumbled ‘stay away! Shoo! I’ll fight you!’


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