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Ash Class’ assembly 30.1.19

Posted by on January 30, 2019

Well done to Ash class for their brilliant assembly about their English work on Anthony Browne this morning. Due to illness, some children stepped in to read extra lines which they had not practiced, showing great team work and confidence. They practiced extremely hard and even did some acting! We look forward to seeing the work you produce about Willy the Wizard!

Here are some of the examples of writing which children read out in assembly.

Yesterday we took Victoria, our beautiful Labrador and our son, Charles, to the park. When I took Victoria’s lead off, Victoria was chased by a very scruffy dog and then I told Charles to sit next to me so he didn’t wander off. Then I saw that Charles had run off then I saw Charles talking to a scruffy looking child and we walked home in silence. – Jakson, Charles’ Mum’s voice

I silently walked to the park with Charles and Victoria our pedigree Labrador. When we had arrived at the park I sat on a bench and I had just let off Victoria’s lead when a scruffy mongrel had appeared and started to sniff her bottom. I had to shoo it away but the scoundrel chased her everywhere. I couldn’t stop it so I just glared at the beast hoping it would stop it but it didn’t. Then I saw Charles talking to a rough looking child! I dragged him away and we walked home in silence. I was disappointed. – Jacob G, Charles’ Mum’s voice

Yesterday I strolled to the park with Smudge. Smudge was happily skipping, I was walking so I could hold the lead of Albert. When we got there, I let Albert of the lead and then he sniffed a dog’s bottom and he started to chase the Labrador. I was looking for a job in the newspaper because I never have anything to do except watch the telly and take Smudge to school and read the newspaper. I think I might need a job. Smudge was on the see saw, I could hear it while I was reading the newspaper. The she went on the bandstand and she was dancing to the music. There was a bossy posh monkey woman. She looked like the boy Smudge was playing with. Our dog and her dog were barking at each other. – Rufus, Smudge’s Dad

One day ago, Smudge asked me if we could go to the park so we did. When we had got there I looked for a job in the newspaper whilst Smudge played with a little boy. Our dog was sniffing another dog’s bottom. It does that sometimes. Then I saw a very vain and posh person come and sit next to me so I moved as far to the end as I could, without falling off it. We stayed the same distance apart to each other. I looked at Smudge playing on the band stand with the boy and the dogs. I could hear wildlife being interrupted by the dogs along with Smudge and her friend. Suddenly there was a big splash, the dogs had jumped into the water! – Harrison, Smudge’s Dad

Yesterday me and my dad went to the park. My dad was very grumpy when we started to walk there. Then we arrived at the beautiful park. Everything was so bright but my dad was very boring, he was very slowly reading the newspaper to find a job. Then we let our dog off her lead but she saw a very posh dog and started to chase her around the whole park. Then I saw a boy, he looked really sad. I asked him if he wanted to go on a shiny hot slide and play with me. He said yes! We went to play. First we went on the slide and then we went onto the see saw. It was really fast it went to one side to the other and kept on going. We heard a woman shouting across the park. Then we went onto the band stand doing cartwheels. I was really good at it. Charles kept on wobbling when he did it ad falling over but I helped him back up. – Evelyn, Smudge’s voice

Yesterday me and my Dad went to the park. Albert was running faster than me but when we arrived at the park my dad was mad but I saw a boy sitting on the bench. I played on the stage we had fun but when the dogs splashed into the water it was so funny. Charles gave a flower to me. I heard Charles’ Mum shouting at Charles. Mum dragged Charles and he was sad. When I got home I gave Dad a cup of tea. – Adam, Smudge’s voice

Thank you to all parents who were able to attend. We hope to see you next term for our next assembly!

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