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Petersfield Walk

Posted by on March 6, 2019

Our trip to Petersfield – Wednesday 6th March 2019

On Wednesday, we went to the train station in Liss to get the 10.06 train from Liss to Petersfield.

When we got to Petersfield, we walked around the town. We walked down Lavant Street, through Bakery Lane and stopped in Rams Walk. In Rams Walk we had to find the names of the shops and make a map.

Because it was a Wednesday, there was a market on with people selling pet bedding, fruit and vegetables, plants and meat. Liss doesn’t have a market.

For a snack time, we stopped at the Physic garden.

We walked down the high street and stopped at the end to look at the war memorial. We noticed that Petersfield’s war memorial was in the road but Liss’ is outside the Triangle Centre on the grass.

Then we walked down to Dragon street to cross the road and go to look at Festival Hall and Open Air Swimming Pool. When we walked past the open air pool, we saw a river running down the side of some houses. We also saw a waterfall which we didn’t see in Liss on the River Rother.

Then we stopped for lunch to get warm and rest our feet.

We walked down Dragon Street and saw a map of Petersfield made out of Mosaics. We then walked past Petersfield Infants School and then the church. We went onto the square and stopped at the library. We had to find out some information about the library’s services and opening times.

We also walked down Sheep Street. They used to herd sheep up the street to get onto the market on the square. On this street, the houses were very old. We knew this because some of the windows were painted and the doors were small.

We then walked up to the hospital and had to find out more information before we went back to the train station to come back to Liss. We got very wet walking back to school!

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