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Author Archives: SHelby

Last day of term

My last post for Liss Junior School is to wish all the children a fabulous summer holiday, and to say thank you for all the lovely gifts I have received.   They have been a pleasure, and I wish them all every success in the future.  Congratulations to Lottie who is already achieving some of … Continue reading »

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Last week of term.

It’s been a busy week in SH.  There have been commendations, lost of research into Liss during the Victorian period, as well as some research into our own family history.   The children this weekend are having a go at compiling their own family trees.  We have been making very good use of the 2 … Continue reading »

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Minibeast project

The year 2’s have been coming to visit us at the junior school over the last couple of weeks.  We have been conducting a mini-beast project.  I’ll let the children explain it.   Habitat by Ellen On Tuesday the year 2’s came up and we did lots of activities about mini beasts. One of them … Continue reading »

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Picture frames

Great effort today by all members of SH to construct their picture frames.  Look at all these frames the children have made. [Ellen] Making the frame was very fun. My favourite was sawing the wood. The worst part was sticking the triangles on the wood.   [Ezri] I liked using the saw because it was fun. … Continue reading »

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Watts Gallery

All about watts gallery. On the 3rd of June class SH went on a trip to Watts Gallery.  We saw some portraits of a lot of Victorians.  One of these Victorians was called George Fredrick Watts.  George built the gallery with his wife not long before he died in 1904. George was an artist who … Continue reading »

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We have been working on poetry over the last 2 weeks.  We are going to publish some of ours this week. School “wake up sleepy head” So I got out of bed. I brushed my teeth, Cleaner than a leaf. My mum brushed my hair, By my hair she started to share. I got dressed … Continue reading »

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Charity day

I really enjoyed watching the CM Sports get splashed.  and I really liked when they were selling dog food because it shows they care about dogs. Merissa   My favourite stall was chubby bunny.  I got lots of sweets. Jacob My favourite stall was the chopstick one because I beat the record and I got … Continue reading »

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Football tournament by Arthur

I took part in the school football tournament.  Theo, Euan, Thomas H, Thomas G, Max, Simon. Sam and George were also in the team.  I enjoyed it, except that it was inside and the pitches were tiny. We came third.  Playing matches was the best bit.  The worst bit was waiting for the other games … Continue reading »

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Victorian sponge cakes by Merissa

This is how we make Victorian sponge cakes. Step 1. Gather these ingredients: butter, self raising flour, jam, mixing spoon, eggs, oven gloves, cupcake holders as well as the bowl and that is most of it. Step 2. Take the bowl and put inside the bowl the butter as well as the eggs then mix … Continue reading »

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Victorian fashion by Ezri and Isobel

When I wore a Victorian dress I had to take a deep breath in because, there was a strap round my waist. The strap only just fitted, it was a wedding dress and there was different colours in the dress. The colours weren’t the colours people thought it would be. It was difficult to get … Continue reading »

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