River Rother Research

This week we will be looking at the River in more depth after our field work last week. Here is some information that might help you.

Download (DOCX, 13KB)

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Spellings w.c. 5.2.18

This week’s spellings include some statutory words plus personal spellings for your child. The spellings for each child will be individual so please see their home spelling sheet for your child’s specific spelling list this week.

Download (DOC, 39KB)

Download (DOC, 39KB)

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Multiplication Arrays

Today we have been exploring multiplication in class. First we made arrays and then moved on to drawing number lines, which we then checked with the place value counters. Then some of us started using a jotting (the box method) to record our calculations. Each time we used the place value counters to check we were correct.



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Trip to River Rother and Liss Village

Yesterday we had a fantastic morning researching the amenities offered in the village centre. The children made careful observations and decisions about services offered. Then we walked to the Riverside Walk to explore the river. We saw a floodplain, some meanders and tributaries. The children looked carefully at the riverbanks and made detailed observational drawings. Thank you to all our helpers, who asked the children challenging questions. Well done everyone – super geographical skills!

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Change to homework for 7.2.18.

Download (DOCX, 1.07MB)

Due to the children’s interest in rivers we have changed the homework task for next week. Rather than the reading comprehension listed on the grid, the children will be asked to research a river over the holidays. Please find details below.



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Topic Homework – 31.1.18.

Here is a link to this week’s homework, an amenities study of the village.

Geog Amenity Survey 31.1.18

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Here are the spellings for next week. We are looking at some of the statutory spellings. Children will also be bringing home four words that they have spelled incorrectly when writing independently to learn. Week 3


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Assembly Anticipation!

Just to remind you all that Ash class’s next assembly is next Wednesday at 9:10am. The children are currently preparing a body percussion performance piece for your enjoyment. We look forward to seeing as many of you that can make it there!

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Body Percussion

In class we have been exploring a ‘body percussion’ piece. Here is the link below if you would like to share this with your families and refine your moves.




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Dance Fun!

This morning we had another great session with the CM Sports dance teachers, working on our rivers dance. Here are some of the children in action as splashing waves.

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